Voice Accent Training Ahmedabad

Voice Accent Training Ahmedabad

Prism Technologies provides Voice Accent Training Ahmedabad & also in Baroda Rajkot Vapi Surat Gujarat  Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad.


We also deliver Voice Accent Training Ahmedabad &  also in Pune, Delhi, Chennai Hyderabad India


Globalization has had a dramatic impact on worldwide markets, industries and also corporations. Equally remarkable has been the effect on individuals career scopes. For any given employer, the next good hire is not just as likely to have grown up speaking but also Japanese or Spanish as. As numbers English speaking employees have risen, so too has the need for professional voice and also accent training to enable accurate and clear communication with customers and colleagues.


Prism Technologies offers a variety of Corporate Voice and Accent trainings & we are open to customisation as well. participantss can perfect their US accent pronunciation in one of our basic courses to achieve a neutral accent and move toward their career goals.

Voice Accent Training Ahmedabad

Voice & Accent Training Courses

  • Call Center Training
  • Accent Neutralisation Training
  • US American Aceent Training
  • UK British Accent Training
  • Australian Accent Training

Call Center Training Ahmedabad

With the increase of outsourcing operations from various countries to India, companies need to ensure that their employees are able to communicate effectively with customers from overseas especially US UK. The impact of the Mother Tongue Influence is to be neutralised.


Call Center Training course will provide you with a comprehensive package that will help your employees minimizing their mother tongue influence while maximizing their communication skills through use of a neutral accent.


Call Center Training course will provide you with:

  • An ability to communicate with your offshore customers using a neutral accent
  • A means of building rapport and empathy with your customers through more successful communication
  • Enhancing your customer’s experience and satisfaction

Accent Neutralisation Training Ahmedabad

Accent Neutralization Training helps to increase this aspect of communication which in turn positively impacts customer service.


We tend to have a lot of mother tongue influence as it is 1st language we have learned & also most of our thinking is also in it. It is more so prominent in men/women who have done schooling in vernacular languages. This program, in which the participants learn English pronunciation, is focused on eliminating this mother tongue influence and also developing a neutral English accent. The effectiveness in the program lies in the systematic approach to the training. The emphasis is placed on Phonetics and also Intonation which are the two major areas that impact accent. The language is further understood after the participants undergo our English Language Training


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Please browse further for US American Accent Training, UK British Accent Training, Australian Accent Training.

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