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Prism Technologies delivers Talend Training in Bangalore Mumbai & also in Hyderabad India.


We deliver Talend Trainings in Mumbai Pune  & also in Delhi Nagpur India.


Prism also deliver Talend Trainings in Ahmedabad Chennai Kolkatta.

Our professionals have varied training & consultancy experience in Talend products for Talend Data Integration, Talend Data Quality & also Talend MDM, Talend Enterprise Bus etc.


Prism is a Talend training firm present in Mumbai, Pune & Bangalore. We have provided Talend trainings in Hyderabad, New Delhi, Noida & also in Gurgaon Kolkatta Chennai, Across India, as well.


We can provide training & consultancy in many Talend products and related skill sets. If you want to make sure that you hire some consultants with significant industry experience in Talend then you have come to the right place.


Our consultants have worked for several years for high profile companies and also have delivered training to several  Clients.


Talend Training Courses

Please note some of the courses we offer in Talend Domain-

Talend  Training- Data Integration Courses

Talend Studio Basics Training

This course enables you to use Talend Open Studio for Data Integration for real work as quickly as possible. It focuses on the basic functionality of the Studio and how it can be used to build reliable, maintainable data integration tasks that solve practical problems: extracting data from common database and file formats, transforming it, and integrating it into targets. The skills learned in this course are applicable to most of the Talend product line. This course serves as the basis for all Talend training and also is the prerequisite for many of the other courses.


Talend  Training – Enterprise Data Integration

This course enables you to use Talend Enterprise Data Integration as quickly as possible. It covers the features exclusive to Talend Enterprise Data Integration that differentiate it from the community product.


Talend  Training – Enterprise Data Integration Administration

This course is designed for the system administrator who will be responsible for installing and maintaining Talend solutions. This course focuses on features designed to support Enterprise-level integrations where performance and job deployment can be more intricate due to complexities associated with multiple users, and disparate systems, platforms, and protocols.


Talend  Training – Big Data Components

This course introduces you to the Talend Big Data Components dealing with HDFS, also Hive, and Pig.


Talend Component Creation Training

This course is aimed at Java developers responsible for the development of custom Talend components that extend the features provided by Talend Data Integration solutions. You will learn about the development framework that you use to create, reuse, test, and also debug component functions and how finished components can be added to the Studio.


Talend Enterprise Data Integration Comprehensive

This course combines the Talend Studio Basics, Talend Enterprise Data Integration, and also Talend Enterprise Data Integration Administration courses. It is provided as an ordering convenience for private classes only and is not offered on the public schedule.


Talend Master Data Management Training Courses

 MDM Talend Training

Talend Open Studio for MDM Training

This course is designed to get you up and running with a master data management project as quickly as possible.


Talend Enterprise MDM Training

This course begins with the material from the Talend Open Studio for MDM course, and also extends it with topics related to working in environments where a high amount of collaboration is required.


Talend Enterprise MDM Boot Camp Training

This course combines the content of the Talend Enterprise MDM course with two days of practical implementation experience with a project you bring to class. This course is designed as a quick start to solving a particular integration problem for your enterprise.


Talend Data Quality Training Courses

Talend Open Studio for Data Quality Training

This course is designed to get you up and running with Talend Open Studio for Data Quality as quickly as possible. It helps you learn how to assess the quality of data contained in your information system based on a defined set of metrics and thresholds, also using a set of indicators, patterns, and rules for each data element being analyzed or monitored.


Talend Enterprise Data Quality Training

This course is designed to have you use tools to isolate, correct, and also monitor non-conforming values within a data set. It combines the Talend Open Studio for Data Quality material with additional material covering collaborative work and correcting data problems. This course shows how automated tasks can be set up to address common data errors while others can be routed for human assessment and correction.


Talend Enterprise Service Bus Training Courses

Talend Enterprise ESB Training

This class covers the basics of working with Talend Enterprise ESB, giving you a working knowledge of the purpose the product, its components, and how you would start to use the product to solve your integration projects.


Talend Training: Working with Apache CXF Training

This course is designed to provide you with proficiency in building both SOAP and REST style Web services with CXF through hands-on lab experience. It covers the basic architecture, design approaches, and also implementation mechanics required to establish integrated web services.


Talend Training: Working with Apache ActiveMQ Training

This course provides a solid introduction to the theory and practice of applying ActiveMQ (AMQ) for brokered, reliable messaging. Detailed hands-on labs demonstrate installation, configuration, monitoring, and also control of AMQ brokers. Examples of JMS functionality cover publish-subscribe and queue based messaging, persistence, and transactional messages. A variety of AMQ deployment options and topology options are also reviewed.


Talend Training: Working with Apache Camel Training

In this course, you will use Apache Camel to build integration solutions that use Enterprise Integration Patterns . These EIPs identify common designs for asynchronous, message-centric solutions.


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For other courses on Microsoft SQl BI, Obiee, Datastage, Ab Initio, Qlikview, Teradata, Informatica Cognos, SAP BO, SAP BI, SAP BPC, kindly contact us.


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