We offer a wide range of Foreign Language Training India. The emphasis is on practical usage, so speaking and also actively using the language is prime focus in our courses. Our interactive and also personalised approach ensures that you start speaking from the first week.


We do not want our participants just to know a language, we want them to be able to use it effectively & regularly.


Prism Technologies provides French Language Training in Bangalore Chennai & also in Delhi Hyderabad India.


We also provide French Language Training in Mumbai Pune & also in Delhi Ahmedabad Baroda Surat Nasik Nagpur Goa.


Foreign Languages Training India Courses

The courses are designed for those who wish to study a language over a period of time. With the aid of a text book or handouts, the outline aims to provide relevant & useful language using up-to-date and also interesting materials, as well as encouraging participants to practise the language to help confidence and develop fluency.


Foreign language Training in

  • German Language Training
  • French Language Training
  • Japanese Language Training
  • Chinese Language Training
  • Spanish Language Training
  • Italian Language Training
  • Korean Language Training
  • Arabic language Training


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