Spanish Language Training

Prism Technologies provides Spanish Language Training in Bangalore Mumbai Pune & also in Hyderabad Delhi India.

We provide Spanish Language Training in Chennai Kolkata & also in Chandigarh Ahmedabad Noida Gurgaon Kochi Trivandrum Mysore Surat Baroda Nagpur Nasik Goa.

Spanish is now one of the top 3 widely spoken language on Earth. Spoken and used by 40 crore people in countries from Chile to Brazil to Spain as well as an alternative to English in many US cities. It is also one of the most widely taught languages at school in Europe.


Prism Technologies is a corporate training firm present in Mumbai, Pune & Bangalore. Almost all IT clients, we have provided corporate trainings across INDIA in other locations as well including Hyderabad, New Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Kolkatta& Chennai.

We can provide training & consultancy in many especially Oracle relevant products and related skillsets.

If you want to make sure you train from consultants with  industry experience then you have come to right place.

Spanish Language Training Course

The syllabus provides a relevant structure and the lessons include a balance of conversation, listening, pronunciation and grammar. To help you learn whether survival on a holiday or at a more sophisticated level. You will follow a text book and the teachers use up-to-date and interesting materials including TV and the internet along with a communicative methodology which will get you actually practising the language and developing fluency almost without noticing. Grammar and the more formal aspects of the language are covered as much as possible by using practical situations. Speaking and actively using the language is central. You will also be set weekly homework.


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