Remote Oracle DBA Services

Remote Oracle DBA Services

Remote Oracle DBA Services

Prism Technologies provides Remote Oracle DBA services in India across Bangalore Chennai Delhi Hyderabad Mumbai & also in Pune Ahmedabad Goa, including Core DBA and Apps DBA Support. Wide-range of Oracle DBA services including Apps DBA and also Core DBA Support. We help clients with day to day maintenance and monitoring of the database so that your DBA team can concentrate on more productive tasks. Our qualified trainers in DBAs helps the clients with every single aspect of the platform which ranges from concept and plan to administration, monitoring and troubleshooting

Our Remote Oracle DBA Services include:

  • Full-time Remote Oracle DBA
  • Continuous 24×7 Remote Oracle DBA
  • ON demand Hourly and also Part-time Remote Oracle Support


We provide remote DBA support services across various Oracle Business Applications. Our remote Oracle application DBA support comprises of  backup, application up gradation, cloning, projects (example : DMZ setup, Multi-node setup,  Parallel Concurrent Processing,  Shared Application Top etc.), and also we provide performance tuning services among st others.

We also offer DBA services for the following other databases:

  • Remote MySQL DBA Services
  • SAP Sybase DBA Services
  • Remote DB2 DBA Services
  • Remote SQL Server DBA Services

Contact Us today to discuss the remote DB2 DBA services we offer.


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