Remote SQL Server DBA Services

Remote SQL Server DBA Services

Remote SQL Server DBA Services in India across Bangalore Chennai Delhi & also in Mumbai Pune Ahmedabad Thane Vashi Gugaon Noida Surat Baroda Nagpur Nasik Goa

Microsoft SQL Server is often the database which is chosen for a highly integrated platform with features to search, report, analyze, query and also synchronize your data. Irrespective of the version of SQL Server that you are running, Prism Technologies is your one stop solution for SQL Server expertise and also remote database operations. We have professional SQL Server DBA teams who are devoted to remotely administer SQL Server database and also ensure 24×7 operation of client’s production environment.

Remote SQL Server DBA Services

The remote SQL Server DBA services that we offer are planned to be adapted as per requirements of the client.

We provide the following Remote SQL Server DBA Services :

  1. Full-time SQL Server DBA
  2. SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
  3. MS SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)
  4. SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
  5. SQL Server Consulting & also Projects
  6. Hourly and Part-time SQL Server DBA Support
  7. 24×7 SQL Server Database Monitoring
  8. SQL Server Performance Tuning


Get in touch with us today to meet with our professional team to discuss your remote SQL Server services needs.

We also offer DBA services for the following other databases:

  • Remote MySQL DBA Services
  • Oracle DBA Services
  • Remote Sybase DBA Services
  • Remote DB2 DBA Services

Contact Us today to discuss the Remote SQl Server DBA services we offer.


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