ES6 Training

ES6 Training

Prism Technologies delivers ES6 Training Bangalore Delhi Chennai Hyderabad & also in Mumbai Pune India. We also deliver ES6 Training in Delhi Kolkata & also in Noida Gurgaon Goa Ahmedabad Nagpur Baroda Surat Rajkot Nasik Kochi Mysore etc..

Prism Technologies is a modern and also dynamic organisation offering ES6 training to companies throughout India. We provide a unique blend of consultancy and also hands-on training providing you with the productive skills to improve your performance.

Prism is an corporate ES6 training firm present in Mumbai, Pune & also in Chennai Bangalore. We have provided corporate ES6 training across India in other locations as well including Hyderabad, New Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon Kolkata & Chennai as well.

We will not train you to use redundant features that are part of some academic curriculum; instead we will show you how to unleash the power that lies behind this super-suite of software.


What is ES6?

ES6(ECMAScript 6) is themost important update inthe JavaScript language. It is now fresh and modern and the updated features answer many problems with the previousJavaScript versions. If you are willing to update your JavaScript developing skills then this ES6 Training, will benefit you to achieve that. You’ll cover most important new features comprising of Generators, symbols, Iterators and a built-in Promise library. Also you will learn about arrays collections. Lastly but not the least, you’ll learn the new meta-programming features through the Reflect API and Proxy API. By the completion of this training course, you will have a foundational understanding of one of the modern web language features, ES6, and you’ll be capable to practice it to write your code better.


ES6 Training Courses

Prism Technologies delivers a host of ES6 training courses, here is a list of few of them-


Introduction to ES6 Training Course

This course will introduce you to various ES6 topics and will teach you how to start utilizingECMAScript 6 (ES6) for your JavaScript development.


Advanced ES6 Training

This training course will explain every new essential features that are added to JavaScript such as vital Syntax Changes and Additions such asconst,let, Rest & Spread Operators and also the Reflect API,Promises, Maps & Sets, the Proxy API, Heaps of new Functions and Methods etc.


Training in ES6 JavaScript essentials

In this course you will gainessential knowledge which you will require to deeply understand and develop applications by utilizing each new portion of JavaScript syntax that is introduced with ES6.


ES6 Training with Angular JS,React JS,Meteor JS,VUE JS

This course will teach you to be proficient in understanding ES6 syntax and using it in the most latest and widely used Angular JS,ReactJS,Meteor JS,VUE JS apps.


ES6 Training with React

In this course you will gain knowledge on the important React fundamentals and use it with ES6


Training in ES6 with Babel & Traceur

This training course will teach you how to use Babel and Traceur tools to set up and run ES6. You will also get to learn about GRUNT and Browserify.


Kindly contact us for more details.

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