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Our professionals have varied training & consultancy experience in Perl Training products for , , Programming, Administration etc.


Prism is a corporate Perl training firm present in Mumbai, Pune & also in Chennai Bangalore. We have provided corporate Perl training across INDIA in other locations as well including Hyderabad, New Delhi, Noida,Gurgaon Kolkata & also in Ahmedabad Surat Baroda Mysore Kochi Trivandrum Nasik Nagpur Goa Chennai as well.

We can provide training & consultancy in many Perl products and related skill sets. If you want to make sure that  consultants with industry experience then you have come to the right place.


Our consultants have worked for several years for MNCs and have delivered training to several Our Clientss and individuals.


Perl Training Courses

Basic Perl Programming

This course covers general Perl programming together with system and database interaction. This basic four-day course provides a grounding in using the Perl programming language as a successful Perl programmer and/or system administrator.


Perl Programming

This course is designed to give delegates the knowledge to develop/maintain Perl scripts.


Advanced Perl Programming

A course in Advanced Perl programming for those with a basic knowledge of the language and a desire to extend their skills.


Further Perl Programming

A Perl training course designed take experienced programmers into some further perl aspects, including object orientation.

This Perl course aspects often misunderstood by those who have been using perl for some time. How to write perl modules and then objects, including inheritance, is also covered. The networking modules provide the knowledge to write Our Clients/server systems and use of network services


Perl for System Administration

A special course for system administrators, who want to use the Perl language to get their jobs done more quickly and efficiently.

This course includes a thorough grounding in generic Perl programming before moving on to specialised system administration tools and techniques.


Perl Programming with Web Development

A Perl training course designed cover all the basics of Perl Programming and also enable web developers to build dynamic (database-driven) e-commerce web sites using the Perl programming language, its specialist web modules and CGI (the common gateway interface).

This Perl course includes a thorough grounding in generic Perl programming before covering specialised Perl web development tools and techniques (the stuff that some people think of as CGI Perl) on the final day.

For other courses in PHP  Mysql, Python, Linux, Drupal, Hadoop etc. please browse our site.
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