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Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) permits your client applications to access and operate data from a database server over an OLE DB provider. ADO supports vital features for developing client/server plus Web-based applications, containing Connected and Disconnected (Cached) models. ADo.Net is the descendant to earlier data APIs like DAO, RDO and ADO

ADO.NET embraces .NET Framework data providers in order to connect to a database, execute commands, and retrieving results. Those results could be accessible to the database users in several ways.

ADO.NET efficiently factors data access from data manipulation into distinct components which can be utilized separately, or exclusively.


ADO.NET Training Courses

Introduction to ADO.NET Training Course

From this introductory course grab all the essential knowledge on various concepts of ADO.NET, like how to use it, why to use it and what are its features.


ADO.NET Training in Entity Framework Core

Through this course learn how to get utmost value by utilizing Microsoft’s modern Object Relational Mapping framework.


ADO.NET  Training with Visual C# 2017

In this training course participants will learn how to make use of ADO.NET’s remarkable database manipulation powers in order to develop operational database applications. Participants will gain valuable insights on topics like DataSet and its associated classes, obtain a detailed understanding of how XML and ADO.NET work together, and a lot more. This class is taught using .NET 4.7, Visual Studio 2017, and SQL Server 2014.


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