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Prism Technologies is a modern and dynamic organisation offering Blackberry training to companies throughout India. We provide a unique blend of consultancy and also hands-on training providing you with productive skills to improve your performance.


Prism is a corporate training firm present in Mumbai, Pune & also in Chennai Delhi Bangalore. We have provided corporate trainings across INDIA in Hyderabad Chennai , Ahmedabad, & also in Noida, Gurgaon, Kolkata Kochi Trivandrum Chandigarh as well.

BlackBerry Training: The BlackBerry is a handheld wireless device providing e-mail, telephone, text messaging and web browsing services.


BlackBerry smart phones are popular because for their wireless business communication capability. The combination on multiple platforms like multimedia, internet browsing, e-mailing, messaging and also  calling, etc. The BlackBerry platform provides an unequaled experience for many of professionals across the world, and also has a broad range of personal and business applications.


Career prospects are overflowing, there is an increasing demand for mobile developers with skills in managing BlackBerry products services, applications.


Participants will be trained to create browser-based applications and also organize them with minimum effort, control industry standards from HTML to AJAX, push data to user devices and control offline queue, create standards-based applications using MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1


Learn the best practices of practice Java development for BlackBerry, how to use the debugging and profiling capability of the BlackBerry Java Development Environments. How to build applications that integrate with native BlackBerry applications and APIs,


You will also learn interaction methods of BlackBerry, BlackBerry Application Life Cycle, Threading and Event Thread, running background application, how to persistently store data on the device between invocations of the application or resets of the device, wireless networking by creating an application that interacts with a web service on the internet. Along with, how to design web based applications, work in MDS Studio, Visual Studio plug-in, and Hybrid developments.


Plus, you will also learn working with controls, coding the actions and events, displaying results, running applications on the simulator, setting breakpoints, watching code flow and variables, using the immediate window, wireless deployment, application security, using the Application Signing Tool, connecting to a database, executing SQL, working with Cursors, Transaction Management, choosing an LBS Mode, using the Contact Data Component, working with other built-in data components, checking compatibility with firmware versions, and upgrading firmware.


BlackBerry Training on Enterprise Server Administration for Microsoft Exchange – 1 day

Course explains principles of BES Architecture, enabling implementation, configuration of BlackBerry solutions that meet needs of organization for Microsoft Exchange. The course traces the data flows through the BES system, looking at key areas of administration and support.


BlackBerry Training  on Enterprise Server Administration for Lotus Domino – 1 day

Course explains principles of BES Architecture, enabling implementation and configuration of BlackBerry solutions that meet needs of organization for LotusDomino. This course traces data flows through the system, looking at key troubleshooting areas.


BlackBerry Training on Enterprise Server Advanced Administration for Exchange, Domino -1 day

This course builds on our BES Administration course, expanding on the areas of Administrative Role Management, Troubleshooting, Performance Tuning, Distributed Architectures, Reporting and Application Deployment.


BlackBerry Enterprise Server Installation for Exchange – 1 day


BlackBerry Training on Enterprise Server Installation for Lotus Domino – 1 day

Course explains the principles of the BES Architecture, enabling the installation and configuration of BlackBerry Enterprise Solutions. Course includes practical  installation of  typical server and indepth discussion of the different installation options and architectures.


Developing BlackBerry Applications using MDS Studio 2.0 and Visual Studio 1.1 plugin – 2 days

This course is a practical introduction to the capabilities and challenges of Rapid Application Development on the BlackBerry platform using MDS Studio 2.0 and Visual Studio 1.1 plugin development tools. The course covers development lifecycle, from project creation, developing  UI, interfacing with services and deploying the applications within MDS Runtime.


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