Excel Training

Excel Training

Prism Technologies deliver the MS Excel Training in 2016, 2013, 2010, & also in 2007 2003.

We deliver Excel Training in Mumbai Pune Delhi & also in Nagpur Nasik Noida Gurgaon Ahmedabad Surat Baroda India.

We also deliver Excel Trainings in Bangalore, Hyderabad, & also in Chennai Kolkata Goa Kochi Mysore Trivandrum

Some participants need to be able to create formulas across worksheets and also workbooks; for others this is not relevant at all.

Few participants need to know how to create pivot tables whilst this will not be of interest to others.

Some participants may want to be able to use the Scenario Manager and also Solver utilities.

Some participants need to know how to format large workbooks, for ease of data analysis; others only have smaller workbooks to work on, but may need to know how to create simple formulas and functions.

We provide Microsoft Excel 2016 Training courses, Microsoft Excel 2013 Training courses, Microsoft Excel 2010 Training courses, Microsoft Excel 2007 training courses and aslo in Microsoft Excel 2003 training courses all customised to suit the needs of the Our Clients. Normally we divide ms excel courses into three levels – Introductory Excel training, Intermediate Excel training and Advanced Excel training, though we are flexible about course outlines.


Excel Training Courses

MS Excel Training – 2016 Courses


  • MS Excel 2016 Introduction Training
  • MS Excel 2016 Intermediate Training
  • MS Excel 2016 Advance Trainings
  • MS Excel 2016 VBA Training
  • MS Excel Powerpivot 2016 Training
  • MS Excel Power BI 2016 Training


MS Excel Training – 2013 Courses

  • MS Excel 2013 Introduction Training
  • MS Excel 2013 Intermediate Training
  • MS Excel 2013 Advance Trainings
  • MS Excel 2013 VBA Training
  • MS Excel Powerpivot 2013 Training
  • MS Excel Power BI 2013 Training


MS Excel Training – 2010 Courses

  • MS Excel 2010 Introduction Training
  • MS Excel 2010 Intermediate Trainings
  • MS Excel 2010 Advance Training
  • MS Excel 2010 VBA Training
  • MS Excel Powerpivot 2010 Training
  • MS Excel Power BI 2010 Training


MS Excel 2007 Training Courses

  • MS Excel 2007 Introduction Trainings
  • MS Excel 2007 Intermediate Training
  • MS Excel 2007 Advance Training
  • MS Excel 2007 VBA Trainings


MS Excel 2003 Training Courses

  • MS Excel 2003 Introduction
  • MS Excel 2003 Intermediate
  • MS Excel 2003 Advance
  • MS Excel 2003 VBA


Contact us for more details on the above courses.

For other courses on Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Outlook, Access, Visio and Ms Projects kindly contact us.



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