Power BI Training

Prism Technologies delivers Excel Power BI Training in Mumbai Pune & also in Chennai India.

We deliver Power BI Training in Bangalore Hyderabad Chennai & also in Mysore Trivandrum Goa Kochi.

We also deliver MS Excel Power BI Training in Delhi NCR, Noida Gurgaon, Kolkata & also in Chandigarh Ahmedabad .

Prism Technolgies also delivers MS Power BI Training in Ahmedabad, Nagpur, Chennai, Thane, Vashi,  & also in Kolkata Baroda Surat.


Excel Power BI Training

The business intelligence tool for Excel.

Designed for Excel 365, 2016, & also in 2013, 2010.

Excel Power BI 365 Training

Excel Power BI 2016 Training

Power BI 2013 Training

Excel Power BI 2010 Training

Excel Power BI  Training Course Content

This training course will cover the following:

Preparing for Power BI
  • Version of Excel needed
  • Installing add-ins
  • Basic multi-table pivot tables
PowerPivot data models
  • Importing SQL Server tables
  • Filtering rows & also columns
  • Data and also diagram view
  • Hiding from client view
  • Relationships
Pivot tables using PowerPivot
  • Drill-down vs Quick Explore
  • Slicers and also timelines
  • Controlling what you see
Using Excel tables
  • Creating and also naming tables
  • Adding to data models
Using other data sources
  • Importing Access and also Excel
  • Importing cubes
  • Pasting from the clipboard
Power Query sources
  • Querying databases
  • Web pages and also XML files
Transforming data in Power Query
  • Splitting columns
  • Merging and also inserting columns
  • Other transforms
Calculated columns
  • Creating calculated columns
  • Using the RELATED function
  • BLANK and also SWITCH
Calculated fields (measures)
  • The all-important query context
  • Implicit calculated fields
  • AutoSum fields
  • Creating in Excel and also PowerPivot
DAX basics
  • The DAX Studio add-in
  • Calculating ratios
  • Aggregate X functions
The CALCULATE function
  • Replacing filters
  • Using ALL
  • Using VALUES to edit filters
More advanced DAX functions
  • Using FILTER to filter tables
  • Ranking
  • The EARLIER function
  • Creating in Excel or SQL
  • Linking to calendars
  • Sorting months & also weeks
  • Multiple date tables
Date functions
  • Period to date
  • Fiscal year calculations
  • Parallel periods
  • Semi-additive measures
  • Creating hierarchies
  • Pros and also cons


  • Relative KPIs
  • Absolute KPIs
Power View basics
  • The data model again
  • Creating visualisations
Power View Filters
  • Slicers
  • Using tiles
  • Filtering data
Other visualisations
  • Creating matrices and cards
  • Chart multiples
  • Chart drill-down
  • Scatter and also bubble charts
The Power View maps
  • Assembling your data
  • Creating maps
  • Drill-down in maps
The Power Map (GeoFlow)
  • Creating maps
  • Scenes, tours and also layers
  • Creating videos
  • Reasons not to use


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