SAP FICO Training

Prism Technologies provide SAP FICO Training in Bangalore Pune & also in Delhi Chandigarh Ahmedabad Baroda Surat.

We also provide SAP FICO Training in Mumbai Hyderabad & also in Chennai Kochi Trivandrum Mysore India.

Prism Technologies provide SAP FICO Training in Noida Gurgaon & also in Indore Bhopal Kanpur Lucknow.


SAP FICO Training Course :

Basic Settings

  • reations company
  • ompany code
  • Assign company code to company
  • Business area
  • Fiscal year variant
  • Asian fiscal year variant to company code
  • hart of accounts
  • Accounts Group
  • Retained earning account
  • Posting period variant
  • Document Types and no ranges
  • Filed status variant
  • Tolerance
  • Posting Keys

General Ledger

  • GL master record
  • Posting of document
  • Display balances of GL
  • Parking, hold
  • Accrual, sample documents
  • Deferral documents
  • Foreign exchange
  • Reversal of documents
  • Interest calculation
  • ash management
  • Bank reconciliation

Accounting Payable

  • Vendor groups(MM and FICO vendors)
  • No. ranges for vendor accounts
  • Tolerance group for vendors
  • House bank
  • orrespondence
  • Automatic payment program
  • Extended with holding tax
  • Terms of payments
  • Down Payment Made
  • ash discount (received)

Account Receivable

  • ustomer group (SD and FI/CO customers)
  • No. ranges for customers accounts
  • ustomer master records
  • Down Payment Received
  • Dunning
  • ash discount (CIN version)
  • Bills of exchange
  • Treasury management

Asset Accounting

  • hart of depreciation
  • Account determination
  • Screen layout
  • Asset classes
  • Integration with FI
  • Depreciation methods
  • Depreciation keys
  • Asset master
  • Sub Asset Master
  • Asset report
  • Depreciation run
  • Sale of asset
  • Transfer of asset
  • Scrapping of asset
  • apital work in progress


  • ontrolling area
  • No. of ranges for controlling documents
  • Versions
  • ost element accounting(manual, automatic)
  • ost Centre Accounting
  • Repost line items, repost of cost
  • Actual overhead assessment
  • Planning cost centre and cost element
  • Budgeting

Internal Order

  • Order type
  • Order, Statistical Key Figure
  • Planning internal order wise
  • View internal order wise report

Profitability Accounting(PCA)

  • ontrolling settings
  • Dummy profit centre actual data
  • Profit centre assignment of revenue elements
  • hoose account, creation of cost object
  • Planning profit and loss items
  • Planning balance sheet items

Profitability Analysis (CO-PA)

  • Operation concern
  • Profitability segments
  • Assignment of controlling area to operating
  • Activate profitability analysis
  • Mapping of conditions to coop values
  • Drill down report
  • Report painter

Product Costing

  • reation of secondary cost element
  • Active type
  • Price calculation
  • Work centre
  • Overhead keys
  • Routing
  • ost sheet variant
  • ost estimate with quantity structure
  • ost estimate without quantity structure
  • Marking and Releasing
  • Work in Progress


  • Procurement cycle
  • Integration with MM
  • Sales process integration with SD
  • Integration with asset accounting
  • Integration with controlling
  • Integration with PP


Financial statement version

  • GL reports
  • Accounts payable reports
  • Accounts receivable reports
  • Assets
  • ash book reports
  • LSMW
  • Transport Management

Implementation overview, Resume preparation

Eligibility for SAP FICO Training:

  • Graduation.
  • Masters in Financial Accounting (or)
  • Masters in Business Administration (MBA)
  • Who has work experience of minimum 3 years as a Financial Executive in any Financial Sector (or)
  • Any Industry related to finance Who has work experience as Finance and Accounting and worked as end user in SAP.

Suitable for Professionals:

  • Suitable for Professionals:
  • PA
  • hartered Accountants
  • Accountants
  • Financial Analyst
  • Finance Managers
  • Financial Controller
  • ost Accountants

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