SAP SD Training Course

SAP SD Training Course

Prism Technologies delivers SAP SD Training in Bangalore Delhi Chennai Hyderabad & also in Mumbai Pune India. We also deliver SAP SD Training in Delhi Kolkata & also in Noida Gurgaon Goa Ahmedabad Nagpur Baroda Surat Rajkot Nasik Kochi Mysore etc..

Prism Technologies provide SAP SD Training in Mumbai Chennai Hyderabad & also in Goa Ahmedabad Nagpur India.

We also provide SAP SD Training in Bangalore Pune Delhi & also in Gurgaon Noida Chandigarh.


SAP SD Training Course Content :


  • ERP Business Scenario.
  • ERP Products.
  • Job opportunities for SAP professionals.
  • SAP Functional Modules.
  • SAP IS (Industry Solutions).
  • IDES.
  • SAP Easy Access and also IMG.
  • SD MM PP FICO Integration areas.
  • ASAP Methodology.
  • System Landscape.
  • CIN (country version India) SAP Release 4.7 Enterprise Edition.
  • BPR (Business Process ReEngg).


Enterprise Structure

Our Clients, Company, Company code, also Credit Control Area, Business Area.

  • Sales Organization, Distribution Channel, also Division Sales Area.
  • Sales Office, Sales group, also Sales Person.
  • Plant, Storage Location, also Lean Warehouse Management.
  • Shipping Point, Loading Point, also Transportation Planning Point.
  • Unloading Point, Receiving Point, also Department.


Business Processes


  • Quotation.
  • Standard Order.
  • Delivery.
  • Billing.
  • Incoming Payments.


Special SD Business Processes

Cash Sales

  • Rush Order.
  • Free Of Charge Deliveries.
  • Free Of Charge Subsequent Deliveries.
  • Third Party Order.
  • Individual Purchase Order.
  • Contracts.
  • Scheduling Agreements.
  • Consignment Stock Process.
  • Inter Company Sales Processing.
  • Returnable Packaging.
  • Returns.
  • Credit Memo/ Debit Memo.
  • Invoice Correction Request.
  • Make- to- Order.
  • Project Systems.


Master Data

Customer Master Data.

  • Material Master Data.
  • Customer Material Information Record.
  • Item Proposal.
  • BOMS (Bills of Materials: Single and also Multiple-Level).
  • Conditions (Pricing /Discounts/Freight/ also Taxes etc).
  • Common Distribution Channels & also Common Divisions.

Basic Functions

Condition Technique.

  • Pricing with Scales.
  • Free Goods (Inclusive & Exclusive types).
  • Material Determination.
  • Material Listing & also Exclusion.
  • Dynamic Product Proposal.
  • Cross Selling.
  • Partner Determination.
  • Account Determination.
  • Output Determination.
  • TEXT Determination.
  • Credit Management / Risk Management.
  • Availability Check and TOR.
  • In completion Log.



Sales Document Header.

  • Sales Document Item.
  • Schedule Line Categories.
  • Sales Summary.
  • Copy Control.
  • Back order Processing.
  • Re-Scheduling.



Shipping Doc types.

  • Item Category.
  • Picking / Packing.
  • PGI (Post Goods Issue).
  • Incoterms.



Billing Document Types.

  • Billing Plans (Periodic Billing / Milestone Billing).
  • Rebate Processing.


Sales Information System (SIS)

  • Info structures.
  • Standard Analyses.
  • Flexible Analyses.


Credit Management

Transfer of requirements (TOR).

  • Availability Check.
  • Shipping and Transportation.
  • Batch Management.
  • Rebates.
  • Variant Configuration with Pricing.


Integration on


  • SD-PP.
  • SD- FICO.


Technical Knowledge


  • IDOC.
  • Tables.


Additional Topics

SD Evaluation Test.

  • General Discussion related to SAP SD interview.


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